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The Asiyah Women’s Center mission is to provide temporary housing for victims of domestic violence and women facing eviction, and/or homelessness. 


The Asiyah  Women's Center can house up to fifteen women and children at a time and is run by a trained female staff and a group of dedicated volunteers in New York. The center ensures that all guests are cared for and are on a path to rebuild their lives.

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Imani Bilal X Asiyah x Venus Visuals

Art  connects. It inspires. It HEALS.

Please team up with us and DONATE to gift The Asiyah Center a beautiful  painting and piece of wearable art from Venus Visual's Display collection.  It will, in this way, be a gift from us ALL! 

The painting is entitled "Mercy" and is a gorgeous, large scale work, standing at  72" x 60" and appraised at a value at $19,038.  No matter the amount of donations we receive, the painting, jewelry display,  and 100% of profits will be given to the center.

It is my prayer that the painting serves as a symbol and reminder of beauty,  joy, hope, and light on even the darkest of days as these women do their best to navigate a difficult time.

Please Donate Below. Blessings and many Thanks!



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